Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Christian State, the Islamic State, the Jewish State: Crime and Punishment, Genocide and Terracide

Tupak Huehuecoyotl 

Colonization matters, it is illegal. The codification of colonization as an international crime against World Peace and Humanity was realized for the first time in international law in 1960 by UN General Assembly resolution 1514, which proclaimed: "All peoples have the right of self determination."

Today, the right of self-determination of peoples is a fundamental principle in international law. It is embodied in the Charter of the United Nations and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Common Article 1, paragraph 1 of these Covenants provides that:

"All peoples have the rights of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

The above are references in the international instruments of the Westphalian System (1648) of State Sovereignty [AKA the United Nations] which now the dominates international affairs of the so-called “civilized world”. These are today the primary legal instruments under which the Right of Self Determination is expressed, invoked, and defended. With the adoption in 2007 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the right of self determination of Indigenous Peoples, equal to all other peoples..." is proclaimed for the first time in the history of international law.

Yet to approach the concept of self determination today from the perspective of the Nican Tlacah Cemanahuac (Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth), the collective nature of the responsibility self determination must be re-contextualized in terms of climate justice principles and the climate chaos scenario now upon us all. 

As the most ancient of Human Societies on the planet who predate by tens of thousands of years the formation of the “state” structures globally, the Indigenous Peoples are not merely ethnic groups within the more recent “Nation State” schema of global society in mal-adaptive position of alienation from the reality of the natural world in which we are embedded and with which we share equally with all other Earth Beings.

As Nican Tlacah Cemanahuac, collectively we represent an unbroken continuity in the historical ecological experience of human beings on earth since time immortal. Our cultures present daily the memory and vision of the roots and destiny of the Human Spirit in kindred relations with all our other relatives of the natural world.

The right of self determination is a universal inherent human right, with a vision of responsibility globally to the Human Rights of the Future Generations and the decolonization of Mother Earth as essential for any hope of sustainability or homeostasis for Human Society with the Natural World.  We can not aspire to peace on earth if we are not at peace with Mother Earth. The combined GDP of all of the nation state economies of the planet cannot begin to pay back the ecological debt being heaped at the door of the Age of Climate Chaos which we are now experiencing and where our children will bear the greatest burden.


We, representatives of indigenous peoples of Asia gathered in Baguio City came together to share our experiences and aspirations in the face of our concrete situations. We have come to find out that our peoples are faced with problems such as denial of our right of self-determination, militarization and State sponsored violence, governmental transmigration policies, cultural oppression, development oppression and denial of our identities as indigenous peoples.

We have also come to find hope in the various struggles being waged by indigenous peoples in Asia and we affirm and assert the following:

1.  Assert that the right of self-determination of all peoples, including indigenous peoples, is an inherent and universal human right, as exercised by them throughout history;

Abya Yala

The institutionalization of White Supremacy as an instrument of European American colonization within the 522-year-old settler state constructs of Christendom known continentally as AMERICA is ongoing, pervasive and intellectually insidious. The root of this dehumanizing psychological social pathogen is the racist Doctrine of Discovery 1492 established and normalized under the DOGMA OF DOMINION of Christendom, which can be compared to the same psychology of religious zealots that is today condemned globally under the ideology of ISIS, and the illegal and genocidal policies of Israel towards the Palestinian peoples.  In historical reality and present geo-political terms, these three religions as Sons of the Books of Abraham, are not three separate religions: They share the same root, and suffer from the same fundamentalist rot.

“Thus a completely new mythology arose, and instead of the ancient Sumero-Babylonian contemplation of the disappearances and reappearances of planets as revelatory of an order of nature with which society was to be held in accord, an idea of good and evil, light and dark, even of life and death as separable took hold, and the prophecy was announced of a progressive restoration to righteousness of the order of nature. Where formerly there had been the planetary cycles, marking days and nights, the months, years, and eons of unending time, there was now to be a straight line of progressive world history with a beginning, a middle, and a prophesied end—Gayomart, Zarathustra, and Soshyant: Adam, Jesus, and the Second Coming. Where formerly there had been, as the ideal, harmony with the whole, there was now discrimination, a decision to be made, “not peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34), effort, struggle, and zeal, in the name of a universal reform”.

Joseph Campbell in The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion. 1986. 

Colonization matters, it is not only illegal but if the future of Humanity is to be realized within a collective and life affirming culture of mutual respect for the natural world which we share equally in responsibility, the DOGMA of DOMINION which gave birth to the concept as a norm of “civilized man” aka the “White Man’s Burden” must be challenged and dismantled. Regurgitated by the institutionalized racism of the settler states of America and sanctified by the dogma of cultural supremacy of European American Christendom, the “chosen people” of the “City on the Hill” are called to continue to play out their role as minions of nefarious Doctrine of Discovery.  

The insidious nature of the pogrom extends to the point where even the colonizing construct of “Latin America” has subverted the self determination and Nationhood of Original Nations Abya Yala by the Genizaro Republics of the Americas and their radical ideologues of both the right and left of the Game of Thrones: The concept of State Sovereignty via Westphalia 1648.

Under this diabolical matrix of religious orthodoxy, racial supremacy, and anthropocentric worldview, the genocide of the Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala [Americas] continues unabated and accelerates as the cresting Asian economic power structures of capitalism reach in to grab their piece of the promised land: the American Pie.

Now when CLIMATE CHAOS is the term of the day, of the night, and of the Age, we are called to the defense not only of our rights, but to our responsibilities to the future generations.

The Westphalian system of state sovereignty is incompetent to address the global climate issues, it simply functions as an instrument of the economic and military (actually these are both the same) power players of the global elites and their supra-national corporations of capitalism.

Similar to the way Genocide was first codified in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 260, as “Indigenous Peoples equal to all other peoples…” we are called now to move towards a global convention on TERRACIDE: The willful and premeditated Crime against Humanity and the Rights of Mother Earth that results in the destruction of the capacity of EARTH to be a Mother to the Future Generations.

The global climate chaos horizon upon us now is only a reflection of the global cultural climate which would hold us all captive, colonizer and colonized alike, under the regimes of state terror that began their history only some 5,000 years ago as bastard breeds of the Doctrines of Marduk, cloaked with ideologies of exploitation and expropriation disguised as economic development in denial of the Sacredness of Mother Earth. 



Architectures of the States and the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth

We declare our INTERDEPENDENCE and Solidarity as Peoples of Mother Earth and call for the recognition, respect, and protection for the particular and integral constituencies of our Peoples of Mother Earth as represented in our responsibilities to the Watersheds, the Earth:Waters and Single Sea (hydrosphere) of the planet, beyond the disjointed and corrupt constraints of the Westphalian System of State Sovereignty represented in the UN system and the present international architectures of personality and procedures of negotiation and agreements;




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