Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Cochabamba Protocols

The Cochabamba Protocols 2010

Invoking the principles of the Cochabamba Protocols as Original Nations of Mother Earth which emerged from the World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (2010) in Cochabamba, Bolivia, we advance in our global movement to Defend the Territories and Protect the Waters of our Sacred Mother Earth with the following clarifications:
•          The architectures of the States and their Agreements are insufficient, incompetent, and unrepresentative of our political will and our self determination as Peoples of Mother Earth to address the systemic causes of climate change with the necessary holistic and equitable approach that is necessary to avoid ecosystem collapse and TERRACIDE.

•          As Peoples of Mother Earth, we collectively determine to regenerate our relationships among ourselves within a Cultural Climate of Mutual Respect, Inclusion, Complementarity, and Self Determination beyond the existing constrains of the international systems of state sovereignty and in responsibility to the well being of the future generations;

•          Recognizing that unless this fundamental dimension of international relationships among human societies at the planetary level is first recognized, established and affirmed, there will be no sustainable progress in addressing effectively and in timely manner the Climate Chaos scenario that now befalls all of Humanity due to the impacts on global climate exacerbated by greenhouse gas emissions of industrial society and extractive industries in particular in complicity with national government states and existing international monetary systems and institutions.

From the International Spiritual Monument at Standing Rock, today we proclaim and hereby reaffirm in collective Responsibility as Peoples of Mother Earth, in Equality with all Peoples, our collective Right of Representation and Self Determination in addressing the issues of Climate Change beyond the constraints of the architecture of the States and their agreements;

We further affirm and proclaim in Full, Effective, and Complete exercise of our equally shared Right of Self Determination as Peoples of Mother Earth, that our Sacred Mother Earth is subject of the Right of Self Determination beyond the limited juridical constraints of the Westphalian System of State Sovereignty represented in UN system and the international architectures of personality and procedures of negotiation and agreements;

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