Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Brenda White Bull, Statement at the UNPFII 2017

Han Mitakuyapi.

My name is Brenda White Bull; my Lakota name is Wau1Jsila Wi1J, Compassionate Woman. I am the great- great granddaughter of Sitting Bull, great granddaughter of Chief White Bull and Moving Robe Woman, all combatants of the Battle of Little Big Horn. I come from a long line of warriors we call Zuye Wicasa and Akicita. I served 20 years in the Marine Corps with honor, courage and commitment. My oath of enlistment does not expire, as I now defend the sacred waters and the homelands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
We have never consulted and never gave our consent to the Dakota Access Pipeline, to come through the unceded territory of the Fort Laramie Treaties. We, the Great Sioux Nation, have never broken a treaty, but the US government has done so, by allowing this black snake, in which we call The Dakota Access Pipeline, to plow through our lands. They have desecrated the human remains of our ancestors and numerous sacred sites.
Standing Rock has brought the world together, to show that we are more powerful, than their militarized police forces and guns, because we were armed with prayer.

The water has life. Her spirit about her, has called our 7th Generation to act on her defense. She is speaking to all of us, and she is tired. Mother Earth does not have a human voice. Therefore we are her voice. She gives us warning and that is why we are here.
We bring our actions, spirit and prayers, in hope that the UN puts a stop to the violence on the indigenous peoples. Many women have been violated. One had her arm shot to pieces, and another lost vision in one eye. This is the form of how the government treated, not only the women during the Standing Rock's defense of the water, but also, how it treated our Grandmother Earth. We defend Mni Wiconi, water of life; which is our first medicine.

After generations of trauma, our Spirit has been awakened. We have to act now. We cannot wait. Stop the violence. 

Given that the special theme of this session of the UN Permanent Forum, is the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, if the States will not implement the Declaration, we will do it ourselves.
1.  That States cease and desist the militarization of indigenous lands, territories and communities. 

2.  That the Permanent Forum, initiate a study on violence of any form directed against Indigenous Peoples, communities or individuals, particularly those who defend their rights under the Declaration and the defenders of the territorial integrity of Mother Earth; that the Permanent Forum report on this study annually.

  • That the Future work of the Permanent Forum includes the theme on Water, to include its link to the forms of violence to water.

BRENDA WHITE BULL, Indigenous Environmental Network, noting that she was a descendent of Sitting Bull and a 20-year veteran of the United States Marines, stressed that no consent had been given by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe nor had the Tribe been consulted in regards to the Dakota Access Pipeline being built through the Tribe’s sacred waters and homelands.  Nonetheless, the situation at Standing Rock had brought the world together and had demonstrated that indigenous peoples were more powerful than militarized police forces and guns.  She voiced hope that the United Nations would put a stop to the violence perpetrated against indigenous peoples.  She also called for States to stop the militarization of indigenous lands, territories and communities.  As well, the Forum should initiate a study on violence of any form directed against indigenous peoples, communities or individuals, particularly those who defended their rights under the Declaration, and should also include the theme on water and violence to water.

On the Anniversary of Sitting Bull’s Death, Meet His Great Great Granddaughter,

Brenda White Bull


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