Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Standing Rock: US Government War Crimes and International Aggression

The International Aggression of the United States Government Against the Original Nations of the Oceti Sakowin Confederation North Dakota Territory Missouri River Watershed 

Abya Yala, Cemanahuac
Recalling the treaty commitments collectively made as Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala during the ceremony of continental indigenous alliance led by the legation of Oceti Sakowin Dakota-Nakota-Lakota Nations at the First Continental Indigenous Summit held in Teotihuacan, Mexico in 2000;

Also recalling that among the aspects of the Treaty of Teotihuacan 2000 affirmed in the ceremony of the Sacred Chanupa which was shared with all indigenous delegates participating as original nations of the Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor was a commitment of political solidarity in response to the violations of our collective rights as Defenders of Mother Earth by the government states of Americas;

Also recalling that among the aspects of the Treaty of Teotihuacan affirmed in the ceremony of the Sacred Chanupa shared with all present delegates of all the original nations of the Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor was a commitment of political solidarity against the violations of our collective rights as Defenders of Mother Earth;

With the intention of making the call once again to the international community and the conscience of humanity in denunciation of the War Crimes in the form of International Aggression that confront our Defenders of the Watersheds of Mother Earth with their rivers, aquifers, lakes, and springs of Sacred Water as the source of planetary life, particularly because of the situation today at the Water Defenders Camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota against the Dakota Access Pipeline;

We denounce these violations of international law as acts of INTERNATIONAL AGGRESSION and a crime against world peace.  Under the mantle of normalcy perpetrated by the Doctrine of Discovery (October 12, 1492), and extended geographically by the Louisiana Purchase (1803) and then given juridical expression by the Johnson v. M'Intosh (1823) decision of the US Supreme Court, then to be popularized in the ancestral territories of the Oceti Sakowin by the doctrine of Manifest Destiny (1845), these cumulative acts of International Aggression against the Original Nations of the Missouri River watershed continues in today's era of criminal corporate cartels with political accomplices in all levels of government.  The Doctrine of Discovery of Christendom has been denounced internationally and repudiated formally by the UN in recognition that since its first application as a legaloid principle with the invasion of our continent Abya Yala 524 years ago, the Doctrine of Discovery continues to be the intellectual and theological basis for the normalization of colonization and genocide of our indigenous peoples, a psychological pathogen of dehumanization in attribute to white supremancy as we see once again in the present conflict at Standing Rock;

We accuse the current US president of being an accomplice and main actor in the War Crimes announced today that will be instigated against the Defenders of the Water in Standing Rock as an act of International Aggression in favor of petropolis corporations invading the territory of the Dakota-Nakota-Lakota Nations with the Dakota Access Pipeline, in violation of the right of Free, Prior and Informed Consent;

Recalling once again that while the issues of controversy involving the Dakota Access Pipeline are being contested within the ancestral lands of the Oceti Sakowin, referenced in the provisions of the Treaties of Fort Laramie (1851, 1868) with the Government Of the United States, if justice is the to be the goal to resolve the conflict, it is primordial and unavoidable that these issues of violations of the Indigenous Treaties should be tried in a forum of competent International Law.

Any domestic court of the United States legal system, or any subdivision of the United States government such as the EPA, or the Army Corps of Engineeers, would simply have no jurisdiction over these international issues, since they are completely within the scope of International Law, and therefore until The Treaties of Fort Laramie are integrated into the global framework of international law of treaties and agreements as legitimate international instruments within the United Nations system, there will never be a hope for a just settlement of disputes between the parties to the treaty which is now visible to the world in the Standing Rock conflict in North Dakota.

We conclude this statement by reaffirming our commitment of solidarity and presence with our ancestral confederations in defense of the Watersheds of Abya Yala and Mother Earth present in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock.   We reaffirm and proclaim that every Original Nation of Abya Yala is responsible in each of our territories for the Sacredness of Water and we denounce as War Crime in the form of International Aggression the actions of the US Government and its departments in this regard.  We take the aggressions of the militarized police at Standing Rock as an assault and injury to all our nations who share originations and pursue our Self Determination under the Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor as we stand in international alliance since the Treaty of Teotihuacan 2000.

Abya Yala Continental Commission
Secretariat: TONATIERRA


Embassy of Original Peoples


The political arguments on both sides of the issue are in conflict, not just because of the doctrines of power that gave birth to the concepts of dominion which define the states and the social relations of their member constituencies, but also because the framework for resolution of the issues within the UN system is incompetent to address the spirituality of the earth based territorial reality of the Indigenous Nations, and the system itself is incoherent according to the geographic sciences of modern times.

What is lacking is a mechanism to define the issues in common terms, outside of the intellectual framework of colonization and dominion. What is missing is a clarification of the concept of territorial integrity, as a dimension of ecological and social sustainability and not a bastard relic from the intellectual Regime of Doctrines spawned by the Divine Right of Kings.

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  1. may the people be protected. may these words be heard. may the land and water be preserved. great spirit, sky father, earth mother, all my relations. aho.