Monday, November 21, 2016

Urgent Action in Solidarity with Standing Rock

Monday November 21, 2016
US Army Corps of Engineers
3636 N Central Phoenix, AZ
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

In September the Continental Commission Abya Yala delivered a message of Continental Indigenous Solidarity to the Oceti Sakowin Dakota Nakota Lakota Nations at Standing Rock.
Today we call upon all our relatives, our allies, and our friends to join with us in a prayerful and respectful public action of SPIRITUAL SOLIDARITY and PUBLIC PROTEST against the Dakota Access Pipeline project on the banks of the Missouri River which threatens the water supply of 18 milion downriver consituencies, and is the primary source of water for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.



The Treaty Study by Dr. Martinez was finalized in 1999, and has sat gathering dust in the UN labyrinth of official archives since then, and although there is now in place a UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples since 2007, the Chiefs of Wounded Knee did not go to the UN in New York in '73 to get a declaration, much less a System Wide Action Plan which is where the implementation of the UNDRIP is now being smashed into an International Global Reservation System of the UN member states, under the rubric of what amounts to a reduced status of International Dependent Nationhood, a la Marshall Trilogy.

It deserves noting, that while Dr. Martinez called for the establishment of a distinct international body back in 1999 to address treaty disputes between Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth and the Government States of the UN system, that was nine years before the UN itself adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007) which now has unequivocally proclaimed Indigenous Peoples as “Equal to all other peoples…”

As Peoples, equal to all other peoples, our treaties are also equal to all other treaties and thus our traditional systems of International Law, from Jurisgenesis to Jurisprudence, from Jurisdiction to Judgement, must also be integrated without prejudice into the design, implementation, and evaluation systems of contemporary international law.  This principle of Equality as Peoples which was not in place as official criteria for evaluation during the Treaty Study by Dr. Martinez, now mandates that the UN treaty study itself be updated and revised appropriately.

For example, in the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the public narrative has emphasized that because the project does not cross the Medicine Line (aka the US-Canada International Border), there is no need for review under relevant procedures by the US state department and the executive office of the president.  This narrative is flawed, in that the violations of International Law on the Traditional Territories of the Oceti Sakuwin as referenced in the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty which the Dakota Access pipeline is the latest example of criminal conspiracy and US government collusion are prima facia evidence for a hearing before a competent international forum as Dr. Martinez recommended in 1999.  The borders of the Treaty Territories have been violated, once again.



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